'And Then There Were None' Book Cover Re-Design

Illustrator, InDesign

Final project for my typography class, which required us to redesign a book cover of a popular book. The book we chose to redesign was not allowed to have popular imagery or specific cover art associated with it (such as Harry Potter).


Graphic Translation: The symbolism on this book cover comes straight from Agatha Christie’s popular book, And Then There Were None. The hanging noose represents the death of the tenth victim, who died by hanging. I made it into the shape of an ampersand in order to tie into the title, as once the last character dies, the poem (which is displayed on the back cover) has been fulfilled, in a sense. The x’s on the bottom right of the front cover represent the ten victims that died during the course of the book. They are arranged in such a way that displays the number of victims who died each day: two died the first day, one died the second day, etc.The last line has four x’s because, although the reader believes that only three died on that last day, there were in fact four deaths: the fourth death was that of the murderer.


Photographic: The symbolism on this book cover comes straight from Agatha Christie’s popular book, And Then There Were None. The image on the front cover represents the ten china figures who, throughout the book, either disappeared or were broken. The picture was taken by me specifically for this project. I emphasized the word none on the cover because it is the last word of the poem that the murderer followed (which is displayedon the back cover). Once the last victim in the book dies,there are none left, and the murderer has accomplished what he sought to do from the beginning of the book. By making it larger and a different color than the rest of the title, it adds extra impact to the word, conveying to the reader the fact that, unlike many books about crime, the criminalaccomplished what he wanted to do, and ultimately won in the end.


Typographic: The whole idea behind this book cover came from the poem that the murderer tried to follow throughout the entire book when he killed off his victims (the poem is displayed on the back cover). I repeated the poem over and over, and then masked it behind the book’s title, which symbolizes that the poem plays a major role throughout the entire book, which the reader does not find out until a few of the characters have already died.

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