Crimson Aces

Photoshop, Illustrator

This project required students to formulate a plot line for an imaginary movie or TV series, and then, using that plot, create at least five images that represented scenes from the show or movie’s possible opening title sequence.

My title sequence is for a movie that I titled Crimson Aces. The plot of the movie involves a man who helps casinos catch cheaters and card-counters, due to his knowledge and intelligence. However, what the casinos don’t know is that he tests all his theoretical cheats on the casino first, while in disguise. However, when the main character gets to one casino, the men who run it catch on to his scheme, and suddenly he finds himself fighting for his life.

The plot line for this movie was inspired by the movies 21 and Casino Royale, and the title sequence images were inspired by the title sequence for Casino Royale.

Image Image Image Image Image Image
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